Mizeriile de la LGBT din spurcata de SUA…au ajuns şi în România

Ambasadorul homosexual Hans Klemm prezent la Arcul de Triumf, Bucuresti 2017










Feriti-va de acest acest steag. A aparut pe facebook, il folosesc toti sustinatorii poponarilor de la LGBT


Am preluat intr-un singur articol de aici- UNU si DOI. Va avertizez, IMAGINI SOCANTE!1Va rog sa priviti unde se va ajunge, ce vor aceste victime ale societatii care lupta pentru drepturile omului, libertatea de exprimare si iubire, acesti sensibili lipsiti de aparare. In viitor, acesti distinsi domni vor avea dreptul de a face o parada pe Calea Victoriei, sa zicem, daca li se va refuza acest drept asta ar insemna ca sunt discriminati si se va aplica legea impotriva celor care le vor refuza manifestatia publica… Domnilor primari, parlamentari si alti oameni care au puterea de decizie in aceasta privinta, de prin mass-media sau functii inalte. Asta va doriti? Asta sunteti?

imagini socante




articolul este preluat in engleza:




This page features a photo essay about the 2008 “Up Your Alley” Fair – a free, open-to-the-public street festival held in San Francisco on July 27. Up Your Alley – which until recently was called the Dore Alley Fair – is very similar to the larger and more well-known Folsom Street Fair, in that they are both held to celebrate the leather and fetish scene in the gay community. While Folsom is internationally known and draws visitors from all over the world, Up Your Alley is thought of more as the fetish event “for locals,” and because of that it is smaller, has fewer retail vendors and booths, and generally flies under the radar.
However, in recent years, the original Dore Alley Fair stopped being independently produced, and became a subsidiary of the larger Folsom Street Fair nonprofit organization; the name was changed to Up Your Alley, and was it was more heavily promoted on the official Folsom Web site. As a result, as I discovered this year, Up Your Alley has become extremely popular itself, with many tens of thousands of people in attendance (at least from my guess, though I’m no expert at estimating the sizes of crowds). Now it seems to be more than just a warm-up for Folsom, but instead has grown to become a major event in its own right (some of the photos below show how crowded it was).

Why Make This Report? The Politics of Exhibitionism and Public Sex

The story behind this report has its origins last year, when I did a photo essay about the Folsom Street Fair itself. After a controversy arose in 2007 about the “blasphemous” poster (a fetishistic parody of The Last Supper) advertising the Folsom event, and about Miller Beer’s prominently visible sponsorship, I went to check out the 2007 Folsom festival to see if it really was as extreme as is detractors were claiming.
Turns out that it was. I did a lot of musing and agonizing about my decision whether or not to publish my Folsom photos; rather than repeat myself, I invite readers who never saw my original Folsom report to read my introduction to it here, because most of the arguments I made then remain relevant to this new report as well.

However, a few key points need reiterating:

• I am only publishing these images for their evidentiary and journalistic value, and have no desire to run an X-rated web site. In order to prove that what I’m reporting is really true, I must necessarily post pictures that many will perceive as pornographic.
• I am not responsible for the behavior of the people shown in these photos; if you feel that these images “make gay people look bad” and are unhappy about that fact, then take the issue up with the people shown acting out. Don’t blame me: I’m just the messenger.
• I am not claiming that the behavior depicted on this page is practiced by all members of the fetish or gay communitities, nor that they all universally approve of it.
• I am not anti-gay, or anti-fetish, or anti-sex.
• I myself am neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor religious in any way.
• I have no “agenda”; I’m just reporting what I see. I’m publishing these photos to maintain my journalistic integrity and to not engage in self-censorship simply because the facts are inconvenient.
• Personally, I don’t particularly care one way or the other about what goes on at these fairs, or about Miller Beer’s sponsorship. I’m just introducing some facts into an argument in which two opposing sides are making mutually contradictory claims.

Just as with my Folsom report, I was at the Up Your Alley event for slightly less than one hour, even though the fair lasted all day, from 11am to 6pm. And in that one hour, I took all the images on this page (and many more similar scenes I did not have room to show). The goings-on depicted in this essay are not unique, significant or noteworthy incidents: they’re just random scenes from a random hour in the day. If I had arrived an hour earlier or an hour later, I would have seen a completely different series of incidents. Whether I visited at a particularly sexy time, or during a lull in the action, I don’t know: What I saw during that one hour was probably about average for what went on during every hour throughout the day. So, as I said in my previous introduction, one can extrapolate that a great deal more sexual activity must have gone on during those six hours that I was not there.
So – let’s get down to business.

It’s Miller Time

Last year I published a photo essay about the Folsom Street Fair which received extensive nationwide coverage. Part of the fallout from that controversy was that many conservative and religious groups called for a boycott of Miller Beer, which had been a corporate sponsor of the Folsom event. These same groups also tried to pressure Miller to end its sponsorship of the fair.
I did not follow up on that angle of the story, and now that Folsom season is upon us again, I decided to find out: Did Miller ever withdraw it sponsorship of the Folsom events? I say “events” because the Folsom Street Fair is organized by a nonprofit called Folsom Street Events that puts on a whole series of parties, fairs and other happenings throughout the summer, including the Up Your Alley Fair on July 27. Futhermore, was the explicit nature of Folsom Street Events’ free public festivals toned down after the uproar over my previous report?
Well, the only way to find out the answers to both of these questions was to go to the Up Your Alley Fair in person and see for myself.




Right off the bat, I noticed a big change from last year: Whereas at the 2007 Folsom Street Fair the beer booths all had big banners that said “Miller” and “MGD,”, this year at Up Your Alley the banners simply said “Ice Cold Beer” with no corporate branding at all. And for a brief moment I thought that Miller had indeed dropped its sponsorship of the fairs.


But when I got closer, I realized I was mistaken. Turns out that Miller was still involved in the fair, since companies are not granted the beer concession without being sponsors. And Miller Beer was still being sold. The difference was that this year they toned down their visible presence at the fair. They didn’t withdraw their sponsorship – they just made it less obvious. Which must have been a difficult decision for the company’s marketing department: The whole point behind sponsoring events like these is to get the opportunity for all the free adverstising and branding, by slapping your logo as big as possible throughout the event. But now, the big logo-banners were removed, and the only branding was on the small price-list sign.

But wait – what are all those other beers doing there? Could it be that Miller is not sponsoring the fair after all, and that it is simply one of many competing brands for sale?

A quick bit of research revealed the truth: Every single one of the beers offered for sale at the fair were in fact brands owned by Miller.

First of all, Miller Beer was bought by a multinational corporation and is now called SABMiller, and is based in London, not the US. Secondly, SABMiller owns dozens of other brands as well, including (as seen on the sign above) Pilsner Urquell and Leinenkugel’s(which I’d never heard of before)


Other signs showed Foster’s lager being for sale, but it turns out SABMiller owns the rights to Foster’s as well.

So, despite the apparent wide variety of different beers being offered, they’re still basically all Miller products.


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